Resolution Report Card

by Dwayne Kilbourne on July 21, 2010

So, like the great majority of people out there, I try to make reaching yet attainable resolutions at the start of each year. Now, we have surpassed the halfway point of 2010, and it is time for me to reflect back on the progress I have made thus far and check to see if I am doing well in my quest to maintain pace with these resolutions or not. So, let’s briefly look into each of the ten resolutions that I listed on January 1, 2010.

1. Spend more enjoyable time with my closest friends and family! Reconnecting with some from years past would be great too!

Time is certainly valuable and limited, so I have done my best to stay in touch with those closest to me. Unfortunately, I must say that I have not been able to make it back up to Michigan just yet this year, so that means that I have not been able to see some of my cousins, my three god children, my three best friends, and many other great friends and associates up there in the state that I use to call home. With that said, I have actually been able to meet up with half-brothers and half-sisters whom I have not met before or only met a few times since last fall, so I think that is truly remarkable! Also, it appears that more hang out opportunities will happen within the next few weeks and months! How great is that?

2. Further engage the conversation within the social media and other communication channels – with customers, friends, colleagues, and everyone in between.

As most of you know or at least realize, I am a huge social media advocate and enthusiast. I continue to reach out to my friends, colleagues, associates, family members, customers, and more through various channels online. I am meeting great and exciting new people nearly every day, and the amount of information and knowledge being shared is tremendous.

3. Set aside even more time within my week to exercise and play guitar.

Well, I must say that I had a better balance of exercise to guitar playing at the beginning of the year, but I now have enjoyed more time working out each day since joining a great traditional gym (LA Fitness) in my area! Working out two or three hours each day is truly a blessing, and I strive to gradually progress towards achieving my various fitness goals! However, I will be needing to pull out the acoustic guitar sometime soon to get some of the rust off!

4. Finish my second poetry book for publication and venture into new writing projects, both online and off.

While the progress to finish the book has varied this year (especially after I decided to add even more length and features to the book), I am proud of the progress made. I just hope to have it to the publisher within the next month in order to ensure that my customers are able to get their copies prior to the major holiday season! Outside of the second book being published in the near future, I must say that it is truly great to meet up with so many great authors, to gain their perspectives on everything, and to grow as a writer. For that, I am certainly blessed!

5. Read more… knowledge is power, and you can never have enough of it!

Okay, so I am not on the pace to finish up one book per week, but there are only so many hours in a day and still so much to accomplish each week! As for me, I must say that I am still reading more and more and absorbing great knowledge, information, and so much more! Knowledge is power, and I continue to learn with each new day!

6. Pay It Forward even more!

I have been truly blessed in so many ways, and so many people have contributed to my successes and happiness here on earth, so I am still continuing to do my best to pay it forward. I consider myself to be really humble and genuine, and I do my very best to spread my knowledge to others and help out wherever I can. I am glad that I was blessed with “The Nice Guy Syndrome.” Also, I am pleased to be able to do my part in making the world just a little bit better!

7. Write two KAMs for my Ph. D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences program.

Well, I have slowed my pace… I really am anxious to earn my doctorate degree, but other things have popped up, so my available time to spend on this endeavor has been reduced and hence caused my progress to slow, but I will get this done – nothing will stop me from achieving my reachable, stretch goals!

8. Earn my A License from the USPA (for skydiving).

Well, I have just been working too hard and haven’t budgeted enough time and funds to get back into skydiving. Yes, it is a great passion of mine, but this resolution might just have to wait until next year, but time will tell. For anyone who has never experienced skydiving, I highly recommend it!

9. Take a vacation – Vegas anyone?

Vacation? What is that? Well, most of those closest to me know that I LOVE Las Vegas (Nevada… not New Mexico – haha). With me still living in Georgia, I am sure that I will get a chance to go on a vacation yet this year, but I am unsure if it will be Vegas. I still dream of the day when I can plan a New Year’s Eve bash/getaway to Vegas, but I remain patient!

10. Become a better dancer!

Let’s just say that I really have not focused on this one too much. I go out and enjoy myself, but I have other priorities. As a perfectionist, I know that I will need to put much more time and effort into this resolution if I want to achieve such greatness, but it also starts with the first step or two, something that I have successfully eluded for the first half of 2010.

Well, we all have a little over five months left to make progress towards and maintain pace with our resolutions that we made just seven months ago. It is never too late, do not get discouraged, and keep thinking positively. With some hard work, a little dedication, and a deep breath or two, anything is possible! Never quit on your dreams!

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