Godiva Gathering – Conversations Over Chocolate

by Dwayne Kilbourne on September 28, 2011

Many of you have read my 2009 blog post about how I first came across Godiva hot chocolate at Barnes & Noble and how I worked with their corporate office’s café division up in New York to get it back at local B&N stores near me. I must say that I am thrilled to know that the district manager over the stores closest to me, Marcia, is super supportive and understanding of my Godiva cravings. Furthermore, she is a super leader when it comes to engaging and servicing her customers. So, I must give her and her staff lots of kudos! Without their attention and action, none of this would have been possible. With that said, I often find myself asking the Barnes & Noble Café employees over at their West Cobb and Perimeter Mall locations about how many people are asking for this secret, non-menu item. Normally, I hear that I am the only one; although, I tend to speak loud enough for nearby café goers to hear my Godiva hot chocolate order, and some will mention how it sounds like a great idea – how they will have to try it next time. Thus, I recently have been promoting this great hot chocolate drink even more. Sure, you could buy a tiny hot chocolate from an official Godiva store for nearly twice the price, but why do that when you can check out a book or two and enjoy a conversation with great friends? Hence, I created a foursquare list of the Barnes & Noble (venue) locations where I know this drink is offered! But, while sitting in the West Cobb Barnes & Noble over the course of a few evenings this past week, I came up with this #GodivaGathering idea! I tell people about this great beverage, but let’s just make it part of the event… let’s have a gathering at the Barnes & Noble, share some Godiva hot chocolate (maybe with espresso for those who prefer that concoction), maybe some dessert (ie Godiva cheesecake or Oreo Stack), and lots of great conversations about books, life, work, technology, business, or anything else that comes to mind. So, after a quick straw poll, it appears that some are already interested in such an idea, and the staff at the West Cobb location is supportive and is highly capable of serving us for such an event.

 Barnes & Noble Cafe - venti Godiva hot chocolate and Oreo Stack

What do you think? Are you interested?

Of course, we can have other events later and at different locations, but what evenings work best for you? We are currently looking at a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. We plan to make sure that it does not land on the same evening as another great TweetUp like #ChirpWdstck. I’m leaning towards a Tuesday evening in the very near future and would not start the event until at least 6:30 or 7 pm. Does a Tuesday evening sound good? What about a time? 6:30pm? 7:30pm? I only bring up the latter because some might want to eat elsewhere and then come to the Barnes & Noble event for dessert! Comment below with your recommendations, and we will get the first event scheduled accordingly! I hope you are just as excited as I am about this! Trust me – once you have one of these hot chocolates, it will ruin just about any other regular hot chocolate experience you will find at a bookstore or coffee shop!!

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  • Anonymous

    Great news… We came up with a date for the first event… it will be Tuesday, October 11, 2011, from 7pm until 9pm (come anytime in-between) ~ #GodivaGathering hang out / Tweet Up will be held at the Barnes & Noble – West Cobb location… here are links to the details! http://twtvite.com/godivagathering1 or http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131405493626116

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