Impossible Left Turn?

by Dwayne Kilbourne on October 14, 2011

I have been down here in Georgia for a little over one year now, and I have seen my share of interesting logic. For starters, the street names change a lot as I cross through an intersection and then later pick up the name again down the road (if at all). Next, I noticed that some people are just sign-crazy; remember my blog about the 14-15 no parking signs that are off the southbound Barrett Parkway (I-75 Exit 269) ramp? Then, it appears that many Georgia drivers either cannot see the solid lines (and striped zones) on the roadways or simply do not care to acknowledge and abide by them. But, now, I have noticed that (sometimes) the people who designed and built these roads lacked a little common sense. Case in point, if you approach the intersection of Due West Rd NW, Acworth Due West Rd NW, Kennesaw Due West Rd NW, and (yes another) Due West Rd NW where Kennesaw and Marietta, Georgia, meet, and you want to turn left into (or out of) either entrance of the Towne Square at Due West plaza (ie to enjoy some Shane’s Rib Shack), you will notice that, according to the law, such turns are technically illegal. To make that left turn (as shown in the Google Map below), you have to cross over the double yellow line as well as the yellow diagonal crosshatch marked island area. Again, this is the case no matter whether you are trying to turn left into the plaza or if you are turning out of the plaza, and this is the case no matter which of the two entrances you select.

Intersection of Due West Rd NW and Kennesaw Due West Rd NW in Kennesaw, Georgia

Sure, I see people do it all of the time, and I have even been guilty of doing that instead of turning right so I can turn left into CVS and turn around to go back south so I can head over to enjoy some Godiva hot chocolate and some reading at Barnes & Noble at The Avenue West Cobb. While I do not know all of the reasons or motivations for designing this area of the roadway in the fashion that it was designed, I still think this is lacking a bit of common sense from somebody. So, how would you recommend that I go out of this plaza? I’m to the point where I’m trying to get some insight from a police department that has jurisdiction in that area (sure, that is overkill, but I’d rather be proactive than to get a costly ticket one evening). Do you know of any great examples in your part of town? I’d love to hear about them!

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  • Eric Andersen

    I’d say revise your route so you come to that intersection from any direction other than the east. Then you can go through the intersection, towards the east, and turn right into the lot. Coming out, always exit on the southern side, and turn right, at which point you can go in any direction other than south. If you need to go south, turn right, and find a different route. Sounds crazy, but this isn’t actually that uncommon. Many offices/shopping centers have this entrance/exit problem, and the only real solution is to build turn lanes or even traffic lights to support it.

    • Anonymous

      Very true, @twitter-14668470:disqus! Since I live southeast of this location, I tend to come from the south off of Due West Rd NW and turn right into the plaza, but getting out of there is a different story. I could sort of angle just right using the southwestern entrance/exit so I miss those lanes or merely park in the adjacent plaza (just to the south), but it just irked me a little bit, so I took to my random thoughts blog to vent! Thanks for your remarks!

  • Fishback

    Just got a ticket this morning. I am guilty of crossing the yellow hash area, so not sure I will go to court, but it is a similar situation. This drawing shows a typical morning taffic flow. (I was green car following blue path.)

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